Global Day of Learning with David Moss

Added November 12, 2017

Watching David Moss this morning brought some sweet memories –

Arnold was considering leaving architecture for a career in Judaica in 1981. David Moss had not yet made aliyah, already had a reputation with his ketubot. Arnold called David to discuss this career change. And, later, at the International Seminar on Jewish Art in Jerusalem, we sat with him during a lecture on the Jewish content of the work of Barnett Newman. Arnold turned to David and said he had to get to an art supply store, and David drove us to the one on Emek Rafaim. One of the drawings inspired by that lecture has been acquired by the Knoxville Museum of Art.

Update January 3, 2022. The URL no long works.

The link was to a Moss-Rabinowitz program for a Global Day of Learning.

Author: Mary Linda Schwarzbart

Mary Linda Schwarzbart has been described as the full-time unpaid curator of the work of Arnold Schwarzbart, z"l. She is also a business and grant consultant.

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